Friday, May 08, 2009

Oh, btw, World War Three might soon erupt...

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Although there's been scant attention on this in the MSM news, I thought I better provide a heads-up since it looks as if WORLD WAR THREE is about to erupt over Georgia.

I'm somewhat surprised no one else is worried. I just picked myself up off the floor after three days of complete despondency because I'm fairly certain of what is about to unfold in human history and there's apparently not a thing I can do about it. I sure wish I could entertain myself to death like the rest of the West, but I have a terrible addiction to the hard truth, so I'll just continue this futile effort of trying to save a civilization apparently not interested in saving itself.

The first important point to keep in mind is that the events you are seeing unfold in Georgia, if anyone were watching that is, are contrived by the Kremlin. This tiny nation on Russia's periphery is but the newest Potemkin masquerade put on for gullible Western audiences by the FSB (former-KGB) and Russia's military intelligence services, the GRU.

The newest tale we are being told is that protesters are seeking the ouster of Georgian President Mikheil (Misha) Saakashvili and have barricaded themselves on the main streets of Tblisi (note that "Misha" is Russian for bear).

Imagine if protesters setup camp blocking the main streets of Washington, D.C.? Also, does anybody work for a living in Georgia? There are a lot of protesters spending a lot of time in the streets of Tblisi for such a tiny nation. Finally, why are protest signs in English and why is the interviewed opposition politician speaking English in his interview? This should tell you something about the intended audience.

Most recently, on Wednesday, May 6th there was a supposed Russian-backed mutiny by a tank battalion:

In the part of the above video where Saakashvili is supposedly dressing down the mutineers (44 seconds in), one of the soldiers is busy checking his cell phone. Also, video footage of Saakashvili with this set of troops aired on Al Jazeera showing the Georgian president shaking hands with one of the supposed mutineers (just before 9 minutes in):

This obvious misinformation is a show in and of itself, with the group of black suit and tie guys representing the Western-backed Georgian leadership seeking to fabricate Russian trouble-making in their nation.

This, of course, is a farce within a farce since Saakashvili and his key minions are nothing but FSB/KGB-backed operatives in the first place.

...the whole of the Georgia scenario of provocation, invasion, domination and now negotiation is under the control of the infamous GRU, Russian military intelligence (the GRU's actual batman insignia, left). This whole opera is a GRU script, from the so-called Georgia aggression in South Ossetia to the so-called ceasefire in which Russia continues to attack, to the peace mission by Sarkozy that is burdened with non-sense clauses. It is the GRU pulling the strings. The Georgia government is totally penetrated, and the same is true for the South Ossetia leaders and the Abkhazian leaders. The GRU owns the secret war to conquer Georgia. (SOURCE)

Meanwhile, talks between Russia, Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia have broken down just as joint NATO-Georgian military exercises have begun....exercises Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has called an "overt provocation".

Whatever way Moscow and Tblisi spin this, you have the ingredients for Russian military action in Georgia with NATO troops on the ground. The West may be falling into a very dangerous Kremlin trap.

"It is as if we were scientists studying the workings of a volcano," Russia's NATO envoy, Dmitry Rogozin, said of the NATO-Russia relationship. "It proves it is a very unpredictable natural phenomenon and we can expect an eruption at any time." (SOURCE)

Imagine if we were this close to a military confrontation between Russia and NATO 20 or 30 years ago?! Yet, today almost no one notices (except, of course, Russia Today and Al Jazeera since those running these news outlets are part of the fabrication).

BTW, if the swine flu pandemic was an attempt at biological warfare, it looks like the attempt might have failed since the spread of the disease has slowed and the mortality rate is fortunately low. Either that, or the emerging pandemic to-date is just laying the groundwork for something far more disruptive later on. Let's hope not.

Sorry for the can now return to watching American Idol!

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