Sunday, June 07, 2009

“OK, let’s go.”

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The final call was Eisenhower’s and his alone. Ike’s thoughts were with his men on the ships and airfields who would carry out his orders.

In a 1964 interview, Eisenhower said this, “Goodness knows, those fellows meant a lot to me. But these are decisions that have to be made when you’re in a war. You say to yourself, I’m going to do something that will be to my country’s advantage for the least cost. You can’t say without any cost. You know you’re going to lose some of them, and it’s very, very difficult.”

Finally, Eisenhower stopped and faced his commanders, “OK, let’s go.”

Today is the 65th anniversary of D-Day.

On this occasion the forces of human freedom took a valiant stand against tyranny and ultimately prevailed ending a dark chapter in the epic struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, in the Book within which we dwell:

But the final chapter in this epic tale of the struggle for human freedom and justice is yet to unfold.

Tyranny has slyly hidden itself from the now blinded eyes of the free world and thereby misled our sin-ridden society into the grip of the Evil One. Soon the forces of hate will return to the stage of HIStory for the final act called The Apocalypse, but they shall not prevail.

Just as on that decisive day on the beaches of Normandy 65 years ago today, the righteous will again find the courage to take an immortal stand against tyranny and triumph, and evil will be vanquished from the face of the earth to make way for God's true Kingdom.

So it is written by the Creator...

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