Wednesday, December 30, 2009

12/31 Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse & The Crash Of Western Civilization

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I believe that we are now reaching the Primary Wave 2 rebound peak in a Grand Supercycle bear market. The next wave down should constitute the crash of Western Civilization.

We are currently in a "Puetz crash window" due to a lunar eclipse that will coincide with the New Year's Eve full "blue" moon.

Maybe this is of historical significance?


jayjay said...

The prediction that you foresee a catastrophic wave down in the market is nothing new or novel. Many individuals (McHugh etc.) have been predicting such an event for quite some time. Personally, I tend to agree that such an event might be possible. The problem with the catastrophic scenario is that ALL the prognosticators such as yourself never provide an exact time frame or date. This is just an observation and not necessarily criticism. If you could provide even an approximate date when this market catastrophe is scheduled to happen I would be most grateful.

jayjay said...

Just viewed the chart. Am I to understand that you believe that the catastrophic leg down begins now i.e. the A-B-C reflexive rebound is complete and catastrophic leg begins immediately? Please comment if possible.

Thanks in advance!

J. Adams said...

Not yet....but soon....very soon.

jayjay said...

Thanks for your response. My gut feelings and a bunch of analysis seems to suggest that we are on the edge of a downturn. However, given how the last 15 months have turned out even a downturn would be anything but "predictable". The craziness of the market will simply become more crazy. My own motto is the same that of a Boy Scout: be prepared!

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