Friday, December 04, 2009

1929-1987-2009 Analogy Update

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In an October blog I highlighted the work of Jim Ross who noticed the similarity of the stock market patterns in 1929, 1987 and 2009 and how the timing was specifically related using Chris Carolan's Spiral Calendar. The implication was that, if the analogy were to continue, stocks would peak around October 16th and then crash into December 10th or thereabouts:

Generally the stock market did peak into Monday, October 19th....the trading day after October can be seen in the Russell 2000 and other such broader market indices:

But the widely watched stock indices like the DJIA continued to trend higher after October 19th and this morning the Dow reached an intraday high in the rally that's been underway since March:

Then a sharp reversal hit the market with the DJIA closing down more than 80 points.

If the 1929-1987-2009 analogy is still relevant, which seems highly unlikely at this point, then this suggests some sort of massive panic is going to unfold between now and the next new moon on December 16th.

As noted in my November 19th blog, fluctuations in the stock market have been in sync with the lunar cycle in recent months. Instead of peaking out with the new moon on November 16th, however, there was a phase shift and mass mood held up until the full moon this week (12/2). In the context of the 1929-1987-2009 analogy, Tuesday's full moon is parallel with the full moons on October 18th, 1929 and October 7th, 1987 (see blue arrows below) after which the brunt of the stock market crashes unfolded into just before the subsequent new moons on November 1st and October 22nd, respectively, in those infamous years. Thus, if the historical analogy is to continue, a dramatic collapse in mass mood would occur from here.

That something significant is in store for the December 10-12 period is further reflected by the discovery of market analysts Roy Fellars and Kevin Murphy:

What seems most plausible at this point is that the peak of the Elliott Wave Primary Wave 2 rebound will occur into December 11th (12/12 is a Saturday), but it's possible, although seemingly very unlikely, that some sort of crash will unfold next week.

If there is a mass panic in the days ahead, hopefully it will be constrained to financial affairs. However, as noted in my thesis, it's possible that a collapse in investor confidence could be associated with a geopolitical shock of some sort. In this regard, the crisis over Tehran's nuclear pursuits should be closely watched since an Israeli strike on Iran would likely trigger what I foresaw in my apocalyptic vision.

Notably, if a panic holds off by one more lunar cycle from here, then the relevant full moon will be December 31st, which is a lunar eclipse just before a solar eclipse on January 15th and therefore marks a Puetz crash window. This might prove all the more relevant given that there's an informal deadline for Iran to reach an agreement to halt it's nuclear pursuits by year-end according to the Obama Administration. In this regard, also bear in mind Kremlin Astrology.

As for why any of this is relevant from a Christian perspective, it's a matter of establishing that God, not man, is authoring human history given that God put the sun, moon and planets in motion to shape our collective e-motion.


Anonymous said...
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OASU said...

I don't really have anything to say on this post, but I have to comment on your Global Bipolar article...

You are right on the money. I too have been censored/banned for posting almost the same thing on other web sites.

Why is this such a forbidden subject when it is the truth? Could there really be such a cover up about how many people have Bi-Polar disorder?

I will follow your postings from now on since you are a kindred spirit, and welcome to the club of banned writers.

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