Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Nuclear war dream

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Just posted this in a thread at dubbed "Israel/U.S./Hezbollah/Syria/Iran Mobilize for Potential Conflict - Part III".

Hope it's irrelevant. Dreams tend to form speculations based upon available information, so I'm not too surprised by this. But it was not normal.

I just had a realistic dream about nuclear war here in the U.S. during a nap.

I was in a building, I think a library, and there was a great deal of tension in the air. There was knowledge of a serious war of some kind underway. I was getting constant news alerts on my cell phone, but then everything went silent. A lady told me the internet had gone down about 5 minutes ago, and then we heard air-raid sirens. There was a mad dash to rush people into basements or underground as much as possible. I got peeved because we got a bunch of folk into a basement I thought was relatively safe and when I got down there I noticed there were windows on one side around a corner (it was a huge basement area) that indicated the area was not completely underground so we started making plans to relocate people to another area we knew was fully underground, but at that point the radioactive dust had already started falling outside. Then I woke up with a remaining sense of dread, terror and emptiness (don't know why 'emptiness' came to my mind) if I had truly been there.

Now this was a dream, not clear-cut awake visions like I had a little more than 19 years ago this month.

Hopefully this wasn't any sort of "red alert" update from the 'other side', but I think you all see where it's possible given the news feed in this thread.

What went through my head after I awoke was, 'it's coming....there's nothing you can do to stop it'. It's like all the collective decisions over time led to this fate and it can't be undone at this point.

Furthermore, my sense is that WE MUST GET READY as best we can. Like I've gotten caught up in the popular "make believe" of this world and stopped taking seriously what I believe God has shown me....which is unfortunately true. I'm sick of living on the edge of the Apocalypse and I just don't want to think like this anymore.

But I guess it is what it is.


DS said...

I'm afraid your dream will, at least in part, will soon come to pass.

peacenik said...

I think we need to worry more about the India/Pakistan issue. The fiery rhetoric between the two is alarming.

But, I also think we have more to fear from a dirty bomb, or a suitcase bomb in one of our major cities.

Being a New Yorker, this fear is all to real.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I have been having these dreams alot. And I fear that it is soon to come one day. I'm just saying but I think we all need to prepare just in case

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