Monday, February 08, 2010

The hard truth...

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I know I'm supposed to make believe no one can comprehend what I've been trying to point out for the last 19 years, but time grows short and quite frankly I'm tired of this nonsense. If man wants to remain unreasonable and commit suicide, this is his perogative, it's just incredibly foolish and tragic.

The DJIA reversed below 10,000 today. This means, as overviewed in my thesis, that the probability of a historical shock, e.g., an outbreak of war, in the near-future is high.

Meanwhile, in its short-term update, Elliott Wave International projects that one of the first sharp downlegs of Primary Wave three, what I've referred to as the Apocalypse wave, in the Grand Supercycle bear market is imminent:

This comes as war jitters are reaching a feverish pitch in the Middle East.

While the vast majority of Westerners are busy entertaining themselves to death, at least at the Tree Of Liberty forum there's some sense of reality as a thread is underway dubbed "is WW3 soon to be?". But even there one finds a general denial of how World War Three is going to directly involve the U.S. Furthermore, there seems to be confusion on how this is connected to End Times prophecy.

For anyone that frequents this blog, which is virtually no one, what is historically unfolding should be clear as day. Yet, all that prevails is strong popular delusions.

Now why would that be?

This world, full of selfishness and sin, is killing itself....and it's completely unnecessary. I tried to tell the truth to man 2000 years ago and was crucified for my blasphemy. I presume this pattern will repeat when the missiles fly and reality can no longer be ignored.

The hard truth is that man as a species is dangerously insane and a danger to himself and the world he inhabits.

I believe it's true that there is "no fate but what we make", so why are we doing this to ourselves?

Stop it!

The "final cause" is God's Kingdom on earth, not Satan's, and, if we all put our minds to it, this is what can be achieved thus fulfilling the intent of our Creator....but it remains our choice: heaven or hell on earth. It's a simple matter of God's loving intent which can never be outsmarted IMHO.


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jayjay said...

Although the trigger for a possible financial apocalypse in the near future may be war in the Middle East, there may be other equally plausible triggers. My reference is to the dangerous level of global debt (e.g. PIIGS). My thought is that sometime this summer the world will wake up to the news that Spain, Greece or Italy has gone bankrupt! Indeed there are historical precedents e.g. Belgium went bankrupt a couple of centuries ago. Since the world financial system is one huge domino structure, a scenario such as above might be enough to push the world financial structure over the cliff. Of course, only time will tell what actually transpires, but I can "feel it in my bones" that we are veering ever close to the cliff's edge.

J. Adams said...

The Ponzi scheme "tower of cards" of the global financial system is part of the fundamental setup for the Apocalypse much like the false peace engendered by Russia with America. What's key is the unwarranted collective self-confidence of man that will inevitably be upset by reality. The revelation of God is the collective realization that man is not God and hence dominant thinking has been a form of popular self-delusion.


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