Saturday, August 21, 2010

From Jesus To Christ

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One of the best Frontline programs ever produced IMHO is "From Jesus To Christ" which overviews the life of Christ and history of the Early Church based upon best available knowledge of our time:

Most modern-day "Christians" likely find the program deeply offensive since it espouses the blasphemous scholarly view that the canonical gospels and other New Testament writings were romantic lore geared to popularize the early-Christian movement and not meant to be taken literally.

The truth is that there was a man, Jesus of Nazareth, who lived some 2000 years ago, claimed to be the Jewish messiah, offered a revolutionary message to his Jewish followers and then was crucified by the Roman authorities as a potential danger. From Christ's life and death a religious and eventual social and political movement began that broke away from Judaism and then ideologically overcame the Roman Empire, Western Civilization and, someday soon, the entire world.

While Jesus authored his own life in the way necessary to set the stage, God has authored human HIStory around Christ's simple life story following Calvary in the manner that best serves to express the Creator's "meaning".

Think of it like this.

The Creator is ultimately authoring all of history through the lives of creatures like us. In so doing, the Creator begins with the meaning of the story and then expresses that meaning by writing the course of human affairs in which we dwell. As with any author, what's primary is the meaning and what's secondary are the letters and words written down which, in this case, are the lives and workings of humanity. The core meaning of the story, which is "agape" IMHO, was spelled out through the compassionate life and self-sacrificial love of Christ who John referred to as "The Word". This life form embodies the meaning of God we each can choose to partake in while authoring our own life stories.

What's important to understand is that "The Truth" is the meaning, not the letters and words through which the meaning is expressed. So if you're looking for absolute truth in letters and words, you're completely missing the point IMHO. What's written doesn't matter if you comprehend the meaning of the story and live accordingly.

While some see Christ as delusional and Christianity as a shared delusion, the truth is that we exist in a subjective realm where future reality is transformed by our choices. If your choice is eternal life, then believe in Christ. If you don't believe in Christ and/or live accordingly, then ultimately your story will end because you're not being part of what God means...

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