Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Clashes at the Israel-Lebanon border

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Live coverage: Clashes at the Israel-Lebanon border

UPDATE: The Muqata Blog has video of how the border skirmish started that blatantly shows purported "Lebanese" forces opening fire on IDF troops that were removing brush on Israeli territory.

There was a serious border clash between Israel and Lebanon today that could eventually escalate into a regional conflict and, as I've been long warning, a nuclear third world war.

The timing of this incident, in the wake of the "Cardinal Climax", is somewhat alarming, particularly given the case I've been making regarding "Kremlin Astrology" and the onset of the "Apocalypse Wave".

As for the specifics of the incident, it has the appearance of a staged provocation on the part of the Arab states, possibly to create a pretext for a full-scale Arab/Israeli war that nowadays will actually be an Arab-Persian/Israeli war given Iran's role in the setup.

What apparently occurred is that Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) went to cut a tree branch overhanging the tense border in an operation approved by UNIFIL, the U.N. force authorized to monitor the ceasefire from the 2006 Israeli-Lebanon conflict.

There were conflicting accounts of what sparked Tuesday’s gunfire.

"It started when the Israelis wanted to cut a tree down inside Lebanon, the Lebanese army fired warning shots at them and they responded by shelling," a security source told Reuters.

However, as suggested by the image below, the Lebanese army "warning shots" appear to have been a direct attack, something that corroborates Israel's claim that IDF forces were ambushed:

Speaking at a press briefing, Major General Gadi Eisenkot said Israeli troops encountered a "planned ambush" by Lebanese forces.

"It was a planned ambush by a sniper unit…this was a provocation by the Lebanese army," he said.

That this border incident was staged seems further confirmed by the rapid, potentially inflammatory statements issued by high-level Lebanese, Syrian and Egyptian authorities:

“After consultations, the (Lebanon's higher defence) council has ... given instructions to face all aggressions on our territory, army and people by all available means, no matter the sacrifices,” said General Said Eid, the head of the council.

President Bashar al-Assad telephoned Lebanese president Michel Sleiman on Tuesday and expressed Syria's support for Lebanon against the brazen aggression launched by Israel.

Assad believes that this aggression proves once more that Israel has always sought to destabilise security and stability in Lebanon and the region.

What are Israel's enemies up to?

Remember that my apocalyptic vision began with seeing a special report of a chemical missile attack on Haifa, Israel.

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