Monday, July 26, 2010

Cardinal Climax Update

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A new article on Arch Crawford's outlook concerning the Cardinal Climax appeared today in MarketWatch.

Is "all hell" about to break loose? One veteran letter thinks so -- and it predicted the Crash of 2008.

Unlike almost everyone else, Arch Crawford's Crawford Perspectives had a fabulous 2008. ( See Jan. 9, 2009, column.) And when I last checked in with it in early 2010, Crawford was predicting a mid-summer massacre ( See Jan. 14 column.)


Now, in its monthly issue published in early July, Crawford predicts "ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE" -- beginning, as a matter of fact, on Monday July 26, 2010.


Of course, nothing of note happened today (stocks were up), but it is a mistake to pin the Cardinal Climax to any specific day. Bear in mind that the astrological configuration developing is over weeks and really started with the June 26th lunar eclipse with a key maximum this weekend:

The actual "effect", if one calls it that, would be in the wake of the alignment. For example, there were key, comparable planetary alignments in February of 1962, August of 1987 and May of 2000. The subsequent collapses in mass mood occurred in the weeks thereafter, i.e., the May Panic of '62, the October '87 stock market crash, the popping of the bubble in 2000.

Interestingly, check out this crop circle that appeared on July 12th in the U.K.:

Here's a graphic depiction of the Cardinal Climax that's unfolding at this juncture:

I believe the key point being made to this world is that God, not man, is truly authoring history. While man is a co-creator and has the privilege of participating in the process, God is the ultimate Creator. Of course, the evidence of "Kremlin Astrology" seems to suggest that man is seeking to usurp God's authority, but apparently I'm back to put a stop to that.

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