Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Return Of Christ

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I'm back, BTW...

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Jeff said...

Have you considered the number 2520 from Daniel 9?

I wrote a book that has a chapter called "God's Timeclock" the book can be found at

Anyways I found that the number 2520 is a number for years as well as days. This amazing number not only connects three years from Israels BC past to her BC future using the number 2520, it also has a distinct mirroring effect. Nevertheless, the years 587 is connected to 1897 by the number 2520 as is the years 536 connected 1948, and the year 517 is connected to 1967. The mirroring effects are government, the call to return to Israel, and the temple mount. This amazing evidence only sets up the final climactic occurrence of the return of our Lord in the year 2039. That year can be connected to the year 445 BC the official beginning of the prophecy of the seventy 'sevens'.

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