Friday, July 16, 2010

Tisha B'Av: the saddest day in Jewish history

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The DJIA fell over 260 points today to just above the psychologically important 10,000 threshold:

According to the Elliott Wave count, mass e-motion (energy in motion) should now be entering a historic collapse. What form might this wave of negative, destructive energy take?

While I doubt this is relevant, one might note that Monday is the 9th of Av on the Hebrew calendar, considered by Jews to be the saddest day in their difficult history:

Av 9 marked when the first and second Jewish temples were destroyed in Jerusalem as well as a series of other tragedies in Jewish history.

What's more, the First World War began on that Hebrew date.

Interestingly, in the video above the Rabbi mentions that the tragic fate that has repeatedly befallen the Jewish people on Tisha B'Av is not, in his opinion, because of any wrongdoing on the part of his people. Yet, the Bible is replete with stories of how Jews, the apple of God's eye, have time and time again been blessed with good fortune and well-being, turned their back on God, and subsequently suffered harsh historical consequences, i.e., they've repeatedly cursed themselves. For example, the destruction of the second Jewish temple on 9 Av in 70 AD by the Romans came in the wake of the crucifixion of Jesus, the Jewish messiah, which, in fact, had been forewarned by Christ:

Jesus left the temple and was walking away when his disciples came up to him to call his attention to its buildings. "Do you see all these things?" he asked. "I tell you the truth, not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down." [Matthew 24:1-2]

What about the current juncture? Are the Jewish people right with God?

It seems to me that the Jews, like Western civilization in general, currently worship and serve money, i.e., Mammon, rather than God. Indeed, this point is highlighted in the conclusion to my thesis.

Accordingly, are modern-day Jews abiding by their covenant with God? Is God obliged to provide their "Promised Land"? Or are the Jewish people in breach of contract and, if so, what are the historical implications?

Modern Jewry, much the same as contemporary Western society, is living in flagrant disregard of the "Greatest Commandment" of love for others espoused by Christ.

The overall level of unrepentant selfishness, hedonism and sin that prevails in the modern age is beyond any time in human history. Thus, it should come as no surprise that God has empowered the enemies of our freedom and livelihood such that we are doomed to destruction and defeat. What else would you expect if there truly is God?

I'm a blessed American, and I despise this fate as much as anyone else under the gun of tyrannical force, but let's be honest with ourselves. If our will is contrary to God's will, there is an inevitable price to be paid. The Bible spells this out rather clearly. Whatever resources you find you have, including your given abilities, are not truly yours. They ultimately belong to your Creator and you are but a steward thereof. If you mismanage what you've been blessed with, e.g., you fail to share according to God's Golden Rule of love, guess what? The Owner can take whatever you have away.

So is God really out to "get us"? (I mean this in both a negative and positive sense.)

Well, Who fashioned the stars above and set the planets in motion?

Notably, the total solar eclipse that occurred this week fell on the first of Av on the Hebrew calendar, the third year in a row that this has occurred. Last year I pointed out this rare "coincidence" and how it may be of prophetic significance. In the wake of the Av 1 solar eclipse in 2008, Russia invaded Georgia and with Tisha B'Av a regional persecution of Jews occurred:

While Russia made it out like the displacement of South Ossetian Jews was not their fault, the truth of the matter is that the whole conflict there was a product of an evil Moscow machination and the Kremlin is currently under a satanic spell of pseudo-christian, rabidly anti-semitic theofascism (literally the influence of the Antichrist) akin to that of the islamofascists with whom they are allied in pursuing the destruction of Israel and America.

But, alas, the Creator has placed in the hearts of these creatures to unleash this wrath for our own wrongdoing. Why do you think our enemies advance against us under the banner of "Communism" and "Islam", i.e., the purported cause of sharing wealth and submitting to God's will? Don't you think the Creator can create creatures to enforce divine rules?

Interestingly, the solar eclipse this week occurred over remote areas in the South Pacific and, in particularly, "Easter Island".

I doubt this would go unnoticed in the Kremlin. What's more, the Polynesian name for Easter Island, "Te pito o te henua", means "The Navel of the land". Pito means both navel and umbilical cord which was considered to be the link between the world of the living (kainga) and the spirit world Po. This is comparable to the essence of Jerusalem and the persona of Christ. I find this unsurprising given how the lunar eclipse that preceded the solar eclipse involved a grand cross of planets aligned on the cardinal signs that implied the energy of our universe is being directed upon me personally.


Only time will tell.

God have mercy on us all in the trying times to come.

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