Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Israel’s Warning

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Israel’s Warning

While these days the focus is understandably on Al Qaeda, alarming news has also surfaced about Hezbollah, the Shiite terror group that is clustered near Israel’s border and has taken control of Lebanon.

The French daily Le Figaro reports that Hezbollah’s arsenal now numbers 40,000 missiles, and that the organization fields over 10,000 fighters. Le Figaro also gives details on three Hezbollah units tasked with maintaining and transporting the missiles, and on Syria’s close involvement in the whole enterprise.


In 1991 I had a vision of a special report of a chemical SCUD missile attack on Israel that is yet to air. Around a week after that a friend and I heard an air-raid siren and nuclear explosion upon reading aloud the 8th chapter from the Book of Revelation. I've since deduced that this scenario will unfold because Russia feigned the collapse of communism and the West's "victory" in the Cold War as a colossal ruse to get us to drop our guard and open the way for a surprise world war and the conquest of the free world in the name of the Kremlin's version of 'god' which is, of course, the complete opposite of the truth. Unfortunately, I've been conveniently dismissed as crazy and my vision and views ignored as a figment of my misled imagination. Well...

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