Monday, November 01, 2010

On McChristianity

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It seems to me that modern Christianity is best described as "McChristianity". Why? Because it's all about getting maximum salvation for minimum price. This mass religion, where 'what you want is what you get', has served billions and billions. While this is a great business model for Christ's Church in this self-serving, materialistic age, it if far removed from the Founding Father's intent IMHO. I don't think Jesus meant 'have it your way'.

What's more, because this world is being served an unhealthy, malnourishing diet when it comes to God's Word, we are ripe for a collective heart attack. Maybe its time to stop giving our Creator lip service and abide by His will with more than just token gestures. Do you love God or don't you? Do you care for others as yourself or don't you?


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