Saturday, February 05, 2011

Revolution in Egypt and the Hidden Hand

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Please read Jeff Nyquist's latest column, Revolution in Egypt and the Hidden Hand @ FINANCIAL SENSE.

Here's a key part:

According to former KGB Lt. Col. Konstantin Preobrazhensky, "Americans generally believe that Russia is afraid of Islamic terrorism as much as the U.S.A." Many of us have read about the 1999 apartment bombings in Russia, the fighting in Chechnya, the Nord-Ost theater hostage-taking, the Beslan School massacre, and the recent airport bombing. "But in all these events," says Preobrazhensky, "the participation of the FSB [KGB] ... is also clear. Their involvement in the Moscow blasts has been proven by lawyer Mikhail Trepashkin, a former FSB Colonel." Preobrazhensky might have added that the staged Nord-Ost tragedy was famously exposed as a KGB provocation by the martyred Russian journalist, Anna Politkovskaya; and the wholesale KGB fabrication of a Chechen terrorist threat was exposed by KGB defector Alexander Litvinenko (who famously died of radiation poisoning in November 2006).

To Americans, who know almost nothing of real KGB methods, who do not understand the techniques of "provocation" and "false flag" operations, the surface facts of the case appear confusing, or contrary to common sense. Would the Russian special services really organize terrorist attacks on Russian citizens? It is hardly credible! But that is only because Americans are unacquainted with KGB history, with the mass killings of the Stalin regime, and the bloodthirstiness of the "organs" of the Soviet state, long dedicated to terrorism. As former KGB officers have attempted to explain, there is a logical connection between Islamic terrorism and Russia. "The late Alexander Litvinenko ... told me that his former FSB colleagues had trained famous al-Qaeda terrorists Ayman Al-Zawahiri and Juma Namangoniy during the 1980s and 1990s," wrote Preobrazhensky. "Before his death, Juma Namangoniy (Jumabai Hojiyev), a native of Soviet Uzbekistan, was a right-hand man of Osama bin Laden in charge of the Taliban's northern front in Afghanistan."

How did Litvinenko know all this? In 1996, says Preobrazhensky, "Alexander Litvinenko was responsible for securing the secrecy of Al-Zawahiri's arrival in Russia...." In the book Allegations: Selected Works by Alexander Litvinenko we read Litvinenko's own words: "Arabs ... who studied in the Soviet universities or KGB special schools, have always been recruited as KGB agents on [a] massive scale." According to Litvinenko the KGB recruited so many Palestinians at one point that KGB Chariman Yuri Andropov issued a special order to halt further recruitments. It is no wonder, said Litvinenko, that "Hamas leaders still follow an old habit of going to Moscow to bow to their master...."

Preobrazhensky's text also mentions that the ringleader of the 9/11 hijackers, Mohammed Atta, reportedly met with a senior Iraqi intelligence operative in Prague. "But Iraqi intelligence was just a client of Russian intelligence service," wrote Preobrazhensky. There even exists a report from Czech sources (i.e., allegedly from former BIS Captain Vladimir Hucin) that Atta was recruited and trained in Czechoslovakia prior to the fall of Communism. Atta's subsequent trips to Prague, in advance of 9/11, should have been more thoroughly investigated by the FBI and CIA, especially when we realize Moscow's role as an ongoing organizer of terrorism and the power of the old Communist mafia in former Soviet Bloc countries. Unfortunately, most of the "trusted" Czech contacts used by U.S. officials and journalists are likely agents of hidden Communist-era structures which continue to monopolize key positions in government and the economy.

Once you understand the above, and then consider what Laurie Mylroie and I uncovered regarding 9/11, you begin to realize that the terrorist attacks on America that day originated in Moscow, not the caves of Afghanistan.

Do you really believe Russia's intelligence services are not a formidable foe of the West?

Just consider the following:

When the Soviet Union collapsed in December 1991 following the abortive August coup, the conventional wisdom of some in the US intelligence community was that the West had won the Cold War and the threat of Soviet KGB/GRU intelligence collection would become a problem of the past.

Yet Aldrich Ames, Jim Nicholson and Robert Hanssen were all run by Russia's SVR after the Soviet Union was dissolved. Contrary to popular belief, the KGB and GRU did not go away but simply morphed into ultimately three organizations under Putin: the SVR, FSB, and GRU.

The population of the USSR was approximately 293 million people and in 1991, the size of the KGB was approximately 493,000 personnel. Today, the population of the Russian Federation is approximately 142 million people, which represents over a 50% reduction, yet today's SVR/FSB is approximately 400,000 personnel, or less than a 20% reduction.

There are more SVR/FSB personnel per capita in today's Russia than during the period of the Soviet Empire, and there are at least as many SVR officers in the US today as there were KGB officers during the Cold War.

Many experts believe that Russia is becoming a restored counterintelligence state, but this time as a Chekist State, since former KGB officers now hold a disproportionate number of leading political positions.

In competition, authoritarian systems have a decisive advantage. Just consider the form of business firms in market competition. When it comes to the struggle between nations, this pattern is no different. The West thinks the authoritarian powers of the East 'lost the Cold War', but this has been a bald-faced 'Big Lie' to instill a false sense of security and open the way for the defeat of Western Civilization in the global competition for world control:

Notably, the last forum in which I've been active today disappeared with the following commentary remaining at the site:

at what point does the personal sacrifice become too great?

when you put the life of my friends and family at risk.

I will not allow this website to cause my friends and family to live in fear

you won

hope you are happy

the last light of the world has been extinguished

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of my vision of a chemical SCUD missile attack on Israel. I fear what I've foreseen is coming sooner than later and what's unfolding in Egypt may be directly related.

If those fashioning this final war between good and evil have finally recognized I'm here, let it be clear that I'm the good guy. You've tragically miscalculated. Fiction has no power over reality. Lies are destroyed by the light of The Truth.

You are either on my side and may partake in eternal life, or you will be edited from the Book Of Life forever.

It is your choice.

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