Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Final Days Or Happy Halloween?

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Tomorrow is slated to be the 'End of the World'....again....according to infamous Apocalypse prognosticator Harold Camping:

Meanwhile, we are on the verge of the potential "dark days" of October when the 1929 and 1987 stock market crashes occurred according to mass mood seasonality as I've been pointing out since August. The 27th and 28th days of the lunar month, which are equivalent to Tishrei 25-26 on the Hebrew calendar, will fall on October 23rd and 24th this year, i.e., this coming Sunday and Monday. Add this to the fact that the Dow Jones Composite continues to struggle at the psychologically important 4000 mark, and one can not discount the possibility of a sudden immense crash, possibly precipitated by an historical crisis of some sort.

Finally, let's not forget that popular culture is most likely mistaken in its notion that December 21, 2012 marks the end of the Mayan calendar. According to some experts, the calendar actually ends October 28th of this year, i.e., in a week's time:

Praying that the coming week passes without incident and the only mass scares are those which we do to ourselves for entertainment on what will hopefully be a happy Halloween...


K-17 said...

Hello Adams,
As I said you do have excellent material, I saw your video in Cambridge as well, and I have not seen anyone else in the internet, mixing Financial Forecast with Astrology the way you do.You have been accurate, but if I may I would like to share in a humble way, the little bit that I know. I was in High Financing years ago and by circumstances of life I have the privilege to be a Crystal Skull Keeper, I learned about cultures that have the "Knowledge of the Cycle of the Stars" The Conscious Divine Energy of what People term "Mayan Calendar" it is far more than what you imagine to be,It vastly predates the Maya and its interpretations although small and accurate from Dr Calleman's perspective given what he had access to. The original calendar's name is Atla-Ra; and It is a Spiritual Device that helps to have a greater understanding of the evolution of Consciousness. we will soon understand more Consciousness, not as a Scientific Philosophy, but as a Spiritual Science and that All things have a Divine Consciousness and as Divine has a Supreme Purpose, and such purpose is to move People to understand the maximum of the abilities, and move even beyond that to Why we are beings of Light? and what does this really mean? I will say the best example is the Avatar movie; So you see Ancient Tribes are gathering around the World the Zeigest, Arab Spring and Occupy movements are the signs that the Evolution of Consciousness is taking place; and Dr.Calleman explains very well, how even our communications evolved from drawings in caves to telegraph, tv and now internet that combines all of them, so is the same with humanity, We did not come this far to be wipe out,in a Doomsday. I will suggest go with the flow of energies, listen to your Heart, ignore the media's garbage fear; Stay in Harmony as much as possible, forgive those that irritate you, we came to tear apart Karma and Spirit, we are on the quest to conquer duality, and became part of the Oness with God/Creator thru your Mighty IAM Presence. This is the Greatest Event in the History of Mankind, the Desillusion of the illusion!

J Adams said...

I tend to agree with your perspective K-17.

In Elliott Wave terms, 10/28/2011 looks like the peak of Intermediate wave-(2), i.e., the final top before what will effectively be the "Grand Supercycle" collapse that may unfold in the days and weeks ahead.

In this sense, 10/28/2011 may have marked a key culmination point in the "creative upswing" led by Western society.

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