Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DJ Composite retesting 4K mark again

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Today we retested the 4000 mark in the Dow Jones Composite again and then started to reverse course:

I blogged in late-August and again in late-September that 4K on the DJ Composite is marking significant turning points in the stock market and mass mood:

Last December I examined the historical record concerning reversals from thousand marks in the Dow Jones Composite. Here's the instances I highlighted:

The 1987 stock market crash, Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion of Kuwait, the 9/11 terrorist attacks in September 2001 and the Autumn 2008 financial crisis all coincided with reversals from key thousand marks in the Dow Jones Composite. This is the same sort of pattern observed with reversals from thousand marks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) as examined in my thesis about 'Manic-Depressive Man'.

What will the current reversal from the 4000 mark in the DJ Composite mean for the world? Obviously, we will soon find out. While most watching financial markets are focused upon troubles in Europe, my sense is that the Middle East might soon prove far more relevant to any unfolding mass panic. Why? It's all about man's "global bipolar disorder". (Consider the Middle East as the limbic system, i.e., the center of mass emotion, in the mind of man. It is a potential trigger point when conflict arises between the bipolar global hemispheres.)

Unfortunately, because everyone around me is, by my own definition, insane, almost no one comprehends the truth I've been revealing. Just consider how, at the current juncture of gross mass delusion, economic "science" is focused upon "general equilibrium", "rational expectations", "efficient markets" and stock prices following a "random walk". Could science be any further from an accurate historical assessment of man's own nature?! (And I'm the crazy one?)


K-17 said...

Adams,I don't you are crazy, you present your facts very well documented, that is the reason why I like your Blog, Thank You for your hard work!!

Derv said...

I would like you to listen to me very carefully and with an open mind.

You are, I believe, correct about Russia. You are generally correct about the decline of Western civilization and the future economic pain coming (though I disagree with the details of your particular view). You have an insight into these things that is generally lacking among most of the populace.

You are also suffering from a mental disorder. I am certain you have heard this a hundred times and will probably dismiss it out of hand, coming from a random comment online, but I feel morally obligated to tell you this. My father is bipolar and I've seen this stuff before.

I would attempt to give a rational explanation of why you are clearly not the second coming of Christ, but you are suffering from extreme confirmation bias. You have taken disparate facts that are largely meaningless and turned them into "rational" confirmations of your view.

The so-called "face of Jesus" that you think you resemble does not look like you. Even if it did, this means nothing. It is not reconstructed from the Shroud of Turin. It is merely a reconstruction of a face from a random skull from the area in the 1st Century AD. This is similar to taking a random skull from a soldier in Gettysburg and claiming that it's the face of Lincoln.

Your birthmark is a birthmark. Even if you grant that birthmarks carry meaning from past lives (which is certainly false), your birthmark does not demonstrate that you were crucified. You have a diamond-shaped birthmark on one hand. What about the other? Your feet? Your right side? Your head? Lashes on your back? Again, if this was true and it did carry over, why do you have only one of dozens of marks that Christ suffered? It makes no sense.

Christianity and Jesus Christ Himself never supported or approved of reincarnation. The Scripture says that "it is appointed unto men once to die, and then the judgment." Christ says that both hell and heaven are eternal. There is zero historical evidence suggesting He believed in reincarnation, or that anyone around Him did as well. In fact, the contrary is certainly true, that they believed in one death and then judgment to an eternal place of joy or suffering. (contd below, too long)

Derv said...

Christ says that He would return in glory, and that we will "see the Son of Man coming from the clouds in great glory." He also said that "as lightning from the east shines even unto the west, so shall be the coming of the Son of Man." Yet by your own admission, you've had an entirely normal life, and are almost completely unknown.

Christ explicitly warned of people claiming to be Christ, and said that "if someone says to you, He is here in the desert, or in the hidden places, do not go with them. For there shall arise many false Christs."

You do not work miracles. You have no prophetic powers. You do not possess omniscience (as God/Christ does). You do not bear the characteristics of Christ in any degree, and are even contradicted by His own words.

There are a hundred other things I could explain, but that's not the point. Your beliefs are delusional, and I do not say that as an insult but out of a desire for helping you. You need to be on medication.

You believe the world is insane. It is, in some ways, but not every individual is. Your excuse for why people think you delusional is that they are delusional, because they do not see what is so obviously true. Yet I see it: I see that Russia is evil, that the coup was false, that Litvinenko and Golitsyn and countless others were telling the truth, that the economy is collapsing, that most people are blind to these realities, and so on.

I do not suffer from the common delusions of the masses, and I have personal experience with mental disorders from my bipolar father. So do not write me off, I beg you. You are suffering from a medical condition that requires treatment and medication. I don't know if it's bipolar, but it's something along those lines.

Seriously. You seem to be an intelligent guy with a knack for understanding geopolitics and economics. You could have a happy, normal life and be a hundred times more effective at convincing people with what you have to say. Don't dismiss this, don't let your paranoia get to you about it, and at least entertain the possibility that maybe, just maybe, you could be wrong and need help. Try it and see if it helps.

I wish you the best.

J Adams said...

Sorry to disappoint, but no man could live up to the myth of Christ, although Putin and company will try to concoct such a tale.

As for my "mental disorder", that is a matter of opinion. Of course, as it becomes clear that I'm super sane like God rather than insane like man, guess who will be 'enforcing their opinion'? What would be more Christ-like: returning on clouds with great glory or taking an exceptionally low road? Tis a lesson in the importance of humility after megalomaniacal is that?

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