Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Retest of 4K on the Dow Jones Composite

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Just a quick note on the stock market.

Yesterday we retested the 4000 mark in the Dow Jones Composite and then sharply reversed course:

I blogged in late-August when 4K on the DJ Composite marked the last significant turning point in the stock market and mass mood:

Last December I examined the historical record concerning reversals from thousand marks in the Dow Jones Composite. Here's the instances I highlighted:

The 1987 stock market crash, Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion of Kuwait, the 9/11 terrorist attacks in September 2001 and the Autumn 2008 financial crisis all coincided with reversals from key thousand marks in the Dow Jones Composite. This is the same sort of pattern observed with reversals from thousand marks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) as examined in my thesis about 'Manic-Depressive Man'.

What will the current reversal from the 4000 mark in the DJ Composite mean for the world? Obviously, we will soon find out. While most watching financial markets are focused upon troubles in Europe, my sense is that the Middle East might soon prove far more relevant to any unfolding mass panic. Why? It's all about man's "global bipolar disorder". (Consider the Middle East as the limbic system, i.e., the center of mass emotion, in the mind of man. It is a potential trigger point when conflict arises between the bipolar global hemispheres.)

Unfortunately, because everyone around me is, by my own definition, insane, almost no one comprehends the truth I've been revealing. Just consider how, at the current juncture of gross mass delusion, economic "science" is focused upon "general equilibrium", "rational expectations", "efficient markets" and stock prices following a "random walk". Could science be any further from an accurate historical assessment of man's own nature?! (And I'm the crazy one?) Thus, we are all doomed, and that's all there is to it. There's nothing I can do to change the fate that man makes for himself because apparently the 'Author' has written 'The Book' accordingly.

Meanwhile, McChristians and the various proponents of world religion are busy worshiping the "Creator", but little do they realize that our Creator may be a mad genius akin to Isaac Newton or Ludwig van Beethoven. Increasingly, I'm coming to the conclusion that we are but thoughts caught up in the Mind of a creative divine lunatic. Is this something to celebrate? (Even more disturbing: Is that Madman somehow me?)

Oh well, on that last point one might note that tomorrow is the anniversary of 9/11 on the lunar-based Hewbrew calendar. Normally I would think this irrelevant, but the dramatic reversal in mass mood from the 4K mark on the Dow Jones Composite over the last two days has me concerned that some sort of historical shock is near. I've certainly been wrong before in this short-term expectation. Let's hope this is the case here as well.

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