Thursday, September 08, 2011

Are the leaders of the US and EU both communist moles?

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Last night I read an article by "John Galt" dubbed, The Future of the Capitalist World is Controlled by Two Students of Marx.

While I've long been aware that the POTUS Barack Hussein Obama is likely the Manchurian Candidate who got elected, little did I know that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is also a likely communist mole. Yet, with the littlest research into her background the red flags pop up everywhere.

Hence, there has been a complete failure by the American and German peoples, upon whose shoulders the freedom and security of the Western world balanced. Moscow already knows victory is secured. It's "game over" because virtually no one in the West, so busy making money and enjoying themselves, has been willing to think for themselves, make sacrifices and take a stand for liberty and righteousness. Thus, all will be lost. It's just a matter of when the button is pushed to fulfill the Kremlin's fait accompli. (NOTE: The reason Moscow intends to launch its nukes is that this will permanently undo the West's potential to militarily resist the East's dominance.)

(P.S. Sorry to be so pessimistic, but I just don't see an out for us. Truly, we are in a 'Moses parting the Red Sea' sort of predicament for the free world to survive. I may think I'm the reincarnation of Jesus, but I also think I can't part seas. Indeed, it seems like I can't even convince a single person what I'm warning this world about is true, and unless the truth be known, there's seemingly no hope against the 'Old Enemy'. Of course, it is somewhat supernatural that no one does comprehend what I'm arguing, particularly given the abundant evidence and profound historical implications. Hence, it could well be that everything is up to the Author of HIStory, but, if so, why is this such a seemingly tragic tale? Where's the "victory" in a global thermonuclear war?)

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