Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is Russia Seeking to Instigate World War Three Over Its "Holy Land" According To Astrology?

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This reeks to high heaven IMHO.

Yesterday there was violence between NATO and Kosovo Serbs. I knew Moscow was up to something in the Balkans as I read in recent weeks how the border between south and north Kosovo was becoming a flashpoint, particularly in Mitrovica.

I have been warning for more than a decade that the whole Balkan imbroglio may be some sort of trap for NATO and the West. While I believe the Mideast is the key flashpoint for World War Three, the Kremlin has been setting up the Kosovo struggle between NATO-backed Islamic Albanians and Orthodox Christian Serbs as a related flashpoint. The fight for Kosovo revolves around Russia's historical messianic complex and Slavophilism, the neo-fascist ideology that came to dominate Moscow's ruling elite prior to the "Great Transformation" into a bogus kingdom of 'god' currently underway.

When I viewed news reports of yesterday's supposed firefight between NATO and Kosovo Serbs, I couldn't help but think what I was seeing was staged and largely fictitious:

Injured Serbs recall clash with NATO soldiers by tvnportal

Do we know that that smoke-screened video of a firefight was between NATO and Kosovo Serbs? Do we know that those hospital scenes are legitimate? Do we know that those shooting victims really have injuries from NATO bullets?

So what has been Russia's response to this instigated crisis?

"NATO provoking conflicts in Balkans"

So when World War Three comes, it's all our fault, of course, because the Western powers are 'imperialist warmongers' while Russia is a peace-loving victim of our aggression.

Total fabricated BS.

Of course, almost no one understands what the heck I'm typing about, but this is par for the course for being the unrecognized, unfollowed return of Christ seeking to warn the world about the rise of the Antichrist to no avail.

When I first read about yesterday's outbreak of violence between the Serbs and NATO in Kosovo, the first thing I checked was the current astrology charts. Why? One of the most blatant patterns of "Kremlin Astrology" that I've found is associated with key events in the Balkans, particularly when, for whatever reason, there are Venus-Jupiter conjunctions. While there was no Venus-Jupiter conjunction yesterday, what I did find is a Venus-Saturn conjunction today conjunct the new moon marking the the Jewish new year. What's more the Sun and Mercury are opposed by Uranus and squared by Pluto, i.e., a significant planetary alignment just occurred:

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