Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Reversals from Thousand Marks in the Dow Jones Composite Index

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Noticed yesterday that the Dow Jones Composite Index reversed from the 4000 mark and there was a sudden, significant shift in sentiment between inflation and deflation, mass optimism and pessimism, as the stock market and commodity prices sharply reversed course:

Out of curiosity, I decided to look further to see what happened with reversals from thousand marks in the Dow Jones Composite Index in prior years. I found a similar pattern to what has been observed with thousand mark psychological barriers in the Dow Jones Industrial Average:

Will a reversal from 4000 in the Dow Jones Composite Index be associated with a historical shock?

If so, at the least, Korea bears close watching IMHO. Note that the Korean face-off very much signifies the conflict I've identified between East and West, Communism and Capitalism, hope and despair, in the context of man's "global bipolar disorder". The DMZ separating North and South Korea is final major battle line between Communism and Capitalism in the modern world. Thus, if, indeed, we are heading into the "Apocalypse Wave" as the Elliott Wave Principle suggests comes next, then the Korean flash point may be one of the initial triggers in the "Grand Supercycle" crash of Western Civilization (although the Mideast remains the other historical flash point between East and West that bears close watching). [Note the total lunar eclipse on the winter solstice this year. A similar lunar eclipse on the winter solstice occurred in 1991 as the Soviet flag came down and Russian flag went up over the if the world were falling victim to a 20-year-plan of some sort according to astrology.]

Again, note that in the event of a new Korean conflict the first major target is "Seoul", which means "capital" in Korean, i.e., the point of decision-making. I believe this may symbolize how the soul of man is being handed into the Evil of fear after falling for the Evil of greed, i.e., the cycles of history are cycles of sin and sin's consequence playing out in human affairs.

Now, of course, "science", i.e., the dominant "secular" judgment of man, will be unwilling to recognize the truth I'm seeking to reveal. This is par for the course for the "strong delusion" that prevails in the modern age which is misleading this world into the tyranny of the Antichrist. I'm seeking to counter-argue on God's behalf, but unfortunately no one is interested, so the fate is that which man makes for himself by not heeding me.

BTW, as people start to recognize I'm in effect the 'Living Truth', everything that will be projected upon me will, in reality, be what's true about the society that's projecting. You'll see soon enough...

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