Friday, December 24, 2010

Is North Korea Planning To Invade South Korea Soon?

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I think I should point out that it would come as no surprise to me if North Korea invaded South Korea relatively soon.


Follow the bouncing ball.

1. On Christmas Day following the 1991 winter solstice lunar eclipse, Mikhail Gorbachev resigned and the Soviet Union officially disbanded. This signified the end of the Cold War which was, in fact, part of a massive strategic deception of the West:

2. Christmas was likely selected by Moscow in 1991 because the Kremlin had already been taken over by "Russian Right" ideologues who wanted to get rid of Communism to replace this false ideological front with Christianity as part of the rise of the Antichrist.

3. North Korea is a puppet state of Moscow and Beijing and the DMZ separating the Koreas is the final active battlefront between the Communist East and Capitalist West. Thus, it appears the "Old Enemy" is likely planning to ignite the East-West 'Hot War' via Korea (and the Mideast) in the wake of waging false peace over the past 20-or-so years per a long-term plan.

4. Precisely with the total lunar eclipse on Monday, South Korea lit up a giant Christmas tree display near the DMZ that North Korea deemed to be war-provoking propaganda. This seems rather symbolic:

5. North Korea yesterday threatened to unleash a 'holy war' against the U.S. and South Korea. What does this mean?

The bottom line is that if the end of the Cold War occurred on Christmas Day in the wake of a lunar eclipse on the winter solstice in 1991, then maybe the Kremlin is planning to start the Hot War in the wake of a lunar eclipse on the winter solstice this year.

The Kremlin has been pretty brazen in its deceptive and ultimately murderous manipulation of world history, yet everyone in the West continues to believe in the "strong delusion".

When will this end?

"History is a capricious creature. It depends on who writes it." - Mikhail Gorbachev

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