Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Apocalypse Next?

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I spent the last 20 years trying to alert this world to the looming apocalyptic threat of the Communist East unleashing an all-out third world war against the Capitalist West. I have sought to explain this in terms of the deceptive strategies of the East, the cyclical historical patterns of "bipolar" collective insanity in human history, and the ancient prophetic revelations made to this world. I've literally ruined my own life in my efforts with respect to sacrificing any hopes I might have had with regard to having my own family, a successful career and a sound reputation. Why? Because if the truth is not dealt with, THERE IS NO FUTURE FOR ANY OF US.

The results from my self-sacrificing efforts to save humankind from itself are pitiful to-date. This blog and my web site get maybe 100 visits a day. I have all of nine people following my blog, virtually no one commenting on or sharing the ideas expressed here and no one around me in terms of family and friends believes what I've been telling them such that self-preserving measures are taken. Thus, we are apparently hopelessly doomed. Has everything I've been doing been to no avail?

While I could be angry with my fellow human beings for their incapacity to comprehend what I've been explaining to them all these years, it's clear to me that the problem does not lie so much with the failings of the creatures around me as with how these creatures have been shaped by their Creator such that I'm caught up in mission impossible. Why is this? Why has God made it seemingly IMPOSSIBLE to save you all from self-destruction? Why is this species of man so incurably insane and suicidally out-of-touch with reality?

I get the whole BS idea that I'm projecting on to society what is in fact true of myself bit, but it's clear as day to me that I'm generally right and the world is catastrophically wrong and the only thing separating everyone else from the reality I'm dealing with is time. The critical question is thus: Who's truly engaging in "make believe"....myself or everyone else?

Well....the apocayptic answer may be next...

An Apocalypse (Greek: Ἀποκάλυψις Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation") is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted. In a rather common-sensical way the term is associated with an eschatological final battle, the Armageddon, and the idea of an end of the world due to out of time. This perceptions may better be related to the phrase apokalupsis eschaton, literally "revelation at [or of] the end of the æon, or age". In Christianity The Apocalypse of John is the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible. (Wikipedia)

As I've been warning for the past year-and-a-half, the next major leg down in the stock market and associated mass mood is likely to be what I've dubbed the "Apocalypse Wave". The reason I believe this is that cyclical fluctuations in stock prices and underlying popular sentiment abide by a fractal pattern known as the "Elliott Wave":

Robert Prechter has made a career and whole new school of thought called "Socionomics" based upon this discovery.

According to the Elliott Wave Principle, the first major leg down in the largest wave of a Grand Supercycle degree bear market occurred between October 2007 and March 2009 when the DJIA fell from the 14000 level to below 7000, more than a 50% drop. The rebound since the low point constitutes "Primary Wave 2" after which Primary Wave 3 down unfolds which involves the bulk of the Grand Supercycle downside move. The severity of the anticipated downswing is accurately depicted in the following projection from Robert Prechter for an eventual drop in the DJIA to below the 1000 mark, i.e., potentially a 90%+ collapse in stock prices and a massive associated breakdown mass mood:

How could such a catastrophic collapse in collective beliefs and expectations occur?

That's what I've been desperately seeking to warn you all about for the past 20 years after I had an apocalyptic vision of the future. (Note that after sharing this vision with Prechter I had a job offer rescinded). What I subsequently realized is that the Kremlin has been busy utterly misleading the world in order to set the stage for a surprise third world war that will destroy America and open the way for the Communist East to control the world.

One of the key facets of this diabolical, literally Satanic plot is that Russia did away with "Communism" as a bogus ideological front in order to replace this lie with a new one: Christianity. The psychopaths running the Kremlin actually intend to enforce their authoritarian rule in the name of "God" and make their leader out to be Tsar of Tsars, i.e., King of Kings, i.e., Christ incarnate.

The best wrench I can throw into their strategic equation, which appears to be working swimmingly well, is that, in fact, I am Christ not their misleader Vladimir Putin or whomever else they seek to utilize to maintain power. Of course, since no one believes me, the evil plot of the "Old Enemy" remains unexposed and, as far as I can tell, Evil is going to succeed.

With regard to when the final conflict between Good and Evil could potentially begin, I can't help but focus in on the total lunar eclipse that will occur with the winter solstice this year. The last time a lunar eclipse occurred on a winter solstice was December 1991, and that evening the Soviet flag came down and Russian flag went up over the Kremlin signifying the collapse of the Soviet Union. A few days later, on Christmas, Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as Moscow's misleading forfeiture of the Cold War took hold:

Why would such a key historical juncture be timed according to a lunar eclipse? Because the megalomaniacs in Moscow are so audacious in their manipulation of world history that they are actually doing so according to astrology similar to what Hitler did in waging World War Two.

Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Composite index appears to be peaking around the psychologically significant 4000 mark while, quite tellingly IMHO, the Korean KOSPI index is capping the 2000 mark. This represents the epitome of misplaced, false hope in Mammon rather than God.

This all comes as tensions on the Korean Peninsula seems ready to give way on the final battle line between the Communist East and Capitalist West. As implied by my "Global Bipolar Disorder" hypothesis, the Grand Supercycle crash in mass mood could very well involve an outbreak of war in Korea as the final conflict between Good and Evil gets underway. But make no mistake about it....the global war about to erupt was not spontaneous. The cataclysm that is the prophetic "Apocalypse" is the outcome of man's machinations against himself because people consistently fail to abide in love and truth and place their sincere faith in God and belief in Christ.

When will people start to change their minds so that humankind can be pulled back from the brink of complete self-destruction?

Oh well....I need to post this blog hurriedly because my unemployment just ran out, thanks to Americans' seemingly endless selfishness, and I can't pay my cable bill such that my internet is set for shutoff...never mind that my credit cards are maxed out with three in arrears to the tune of more than I can pay for years to come, I don't have a working toilet anymore and my heat doesn't work properly. But that's all well and good because I'm going to be kicked out of my place soon enough anyways.

Is anybody willing to make a sacrifice of any sort whatsoever for their own salvation in this world? Or is everyone wholly devoted to cooperating in their own destruction such that there is no hope at all? Why in all this time HAS NO ONE OFFERED TO HELP ME in my efforts to-date?! Why will no one lift a finger or spend a penny for truth and righteousness essential to our very survival?!! You have no future if I'm right and nothing is done to correct the situation, so why does everyone continue to engage in suicidal make-believe?!!!

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It's always darkest before the real shit hits the fan.

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