Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hitting the nail on the head...

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So I just spouted off in a forum regarding what I deem to be the misled, disoriented "values" that prevail in modern America. I was being maligned, rightly so, for the seemingly endless inaccurate predictions of "crashes" and "war" I've been promulgating in this blog and on the internet for so very, very long. Because of this foolishness on my own part, all of what I'm arguing is to be dismissed out of hand. So be it. I've simply been seeking to read the writing on the wall and the "spirit of truth" is that America has destroyed itself, it's just a matter of when reality hits at this point.

Here's my commentary:

Jeepers, never thought that only the communists had thought of sharing wealth. Why wasn't that told to me in preschool as I was being taught such values?

As for becoming a banker, or a brain surgeon, or a New York Yankee relief pitcher, or an oil tycoon inheritor, or a paraplegic, or a severely autistic child, etc., the five most misleading words in America's Declaration of Independence are: "All men are created equal."


And if not, then what?

Shall we still pursue an enrichment of the fittest competitive society where you are free to be a billionaire and ignore those free to starve and freeze to death on a sidewalk because of some sort of twisted secularized ideals of liberty far removed from the Judeo-Christian values meant to be an essential part of our society?

Modern Americans want all the "independence" they can have in terms of independence from responsibility to others or society as-a-whole while this is grossly out of accord with the sharing and sacrifices necessary for liberty to succeed.

One of my favorite quotes is from William Penn: "Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants."

This really captures the essence of our situation. The Bible is replete with tales of God's people cycling through being blessed with freedom and prosperity, becoming self-absorbed and going against God's will and then being delivered into evil and bondage. Where do you think modern America fits thereof?

It is telltale how valued and successful folk like myself are that have been seeking to spell out where we're at and where we'll end up. Nobody is interested. No one loves the truth. In fact, they could care less. Personal gratification is the priority and the needs of others, survival of America and well-being of the world overall is a nuisance if a consideration at all.

So when the missiles fly and the West is laid asunder, don't blame the "Old Enemy" so much as look in the mirror.

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