Thursday, June 28, 2012

Credible sources reporting Turkish military buildup on Syrian border & alerts in Israel and Saudi Arabia

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What were rumors yesterday are becoming fact today, i.e., there are now credible reports of military alerts and mobilizations in Saudi Arabia and Israel while the Turkish military continues to buildup forces on its border with Syria.  While most believe that Turkey is not going to directly retaliate for last week's downing of a Turkish jet by Syria, actions speak louder than words.  Also note this latest Breaking News tweet concerning the situation:
Turkey's security council says will respond to Syria's 'hostile' downing of jet with determination and within international law -
What does that mean?

Here's some key stories from today worth reading:

CBS: Turkey sends heavy weapons to Syria border

(AP) ANKARA, Turkey - Turkey deployed anti-aircraft guns and other weapons alongside its border with Syria, state television reported on Thursday, days after the downing of a Turkish military jet by Syrian forces heightened the tensions between the two countries.

A small convoy of military trucks, towing anti-aircraft guns, entered into a military outpost in the border village of Guvecci, which faces a Syrian military outpost across the border and where Syrian forces and rebels clashed in recent months, TRT television footage showed.

Several anti-aircraft guns have also been deployed elsewhere alongside the border. Some trucks were seen carrying self-propelled multiple rocket launchers, TRT footage showed.


Arutz: Turkey Placing Aircraft on Syrian Frontier

Turkey confirmed reports Wednesday that it is deploying troops, including fighter jets and anti-aircraft guns, along its border with Syria.

“I can confirm there are troops being deployed along the border in Hatay province. Turkey is taking precautions after its jet was shot down,” an official told reporters on condition of anonymity.

The troop deployments come amid rising tensions between Ankara and Damascus following the downing of a Turkish F-4 Phantom jet by Syria over the Mediterranean last week.


PressTV: Saudi military on state of high alert on king's order

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud has ordered the country’s security forces to go on a state of high alert due to what he calls a 'turbulent situation' in the region.

King Abdullah issued the order in a "top secret" letter addressed to the kingdom’s security and intelligence chiefs as well as the ministers of defense and interior.

A copy of the letter, dated June 27, 2012, has been obtained by Press TV.

The decree, calling for preparation against “foreign or terrorist attacks,” warns the Saudi security forces against any negligence in following the order.

JPost: IDF bolstering defenses along Syrian border

The IDF is bolstering defenses along the Syrian border and beefing up its forces due to concern that terrorist groups are planning a cross-border attack in the Golan Heights, commander of Division 36 Brig.-Gen. Tamir Hyman said on Thursday.

Hyman briefed reporters during a tour of borderline military positions throughout the Golan Heights. Division 36 is the IDF formation in command of the Golan and Israel's border with Syria.

"Our assumption is that a terror attack or a war can happen without warning," Hyman said. "We are upgrading our infrastructure and renewing operational commands to prepare accordingly."

Israel's concerns range when it comes to Syria and includes the option that the country's advanced weaponry - like Scud missiles and chemical weapons - will fall into rogue hands as well as the possibility that Global Jihad elements operating in the country will try to attack Israel along the border.

UK Telegraph: Turkey asks Nato about a no-fly zone as Syria makes it clear that it's ready to fight dirty

According to a US  government source privy to the Nato meeting called by Turkey on Tuesday, Ankara has requested that the alliance draw up contingency plans for a no-fly zone to protect Turkish territory in the event of further acts of Syrian aggression. Turkey invoked Article IV of the Nato charter, which calls on the alliance to “consult” together whenever one of them deems that the “territorial integrity, political independence or security” of any member is threatened, after Syrian air defence systems shot down a Turkish F-4 Phantom jet that was conducting a training exercise. The Turks say that the plane dipped briefly into Syrian air space but was targeted and destroyed 13 nautical miles from the Syrian coast, in international air space. A rescue plane dispatched to search for the pilots was also apparently fired upon.

“The Turks purposefully left it vague and didn’t provide many specifics,” the source said. “But they also didn’t give [Nato] members a heads-up before the meeting that they’d be asking for this and everyone was surprised.”

The concern here remains what I've been warning about for more than 20 years, i.e., a future chemical SCUD missile attack on Israel like I foresaw in my February 1991 apocalyptic vision.  Obviously, if a regional war erupts over Syria, the potential for chemical SCUDs being launched against Israel will be considerably high.  Should such an event occur, then know with near certainty that World War Three has begun and a full-scale Russian nuclear attack against the U.S. and Western powers is imminent.

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