Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A Break In Mass Psychology?

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The stock market plunged today in the aftermath of the reelection of Barack Obama as American President with the DJIA closing below the psychologically important 13000 mark and the Nasdaq Composite closing below the 3000 mark:

Regardless of all the signs that Barack Hussein Obama is a threat to U.S. national security given the seemingly endless red flags in his background, the American people have opted to elect him to a second four-year term. Their choice has been made. America remains an ObamaNation.

Notably, today's plunge in stock prices was attributed to concerns that America is about to go over the "Fiscal Cliff". Further exacerbating today's sell-off, in the birthplace of democracy - Athens, Greece - rioting has erupted as the parliament there votes on a new round of stringent austerity measures, forced upon the Greek people by the European Central Bank, that are choking their nation to economic death:

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Of course, the suffering of the Greek people, and debtors around the world, is to line the pockets of the ultra-rich financial elite headquartered on Wall Street.

Is God's judgment about to unfold accordingly? interesting sign beyond the sharp reversal on Wall Street today is that a major Nor'easter is striking the New York City area today with wind, rain and snow in the wake of the havoc wrought by Superstorm Sandy last week. Remarkably, the name of this early winter storm is "Athena", the virgin patroness of Athens, Greece.

Coincidence? Or is God trying to signal something to us?

Is democracy succumbing to the evil effects of the "Money Masters"?

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