Friday, June 06, 2014

Does Obama "care" about America's war heroes? I think not...

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On this day 70 years ago the forces of freedom met the forces of tyranny on the beaches of Normandy, France. The epic battle to deliver Europe from the murderous menace of Hitler was underway:

Meanwhile, President Obama was nonchalantly chewing gum at solemn Normandy commemorations today:

This while many questions remain unanswered by the White House for why the Veterans' Administration let vets die while on extended "secret" waiting lists for health care. American veterans like my 90-year-old grandfather (Omaha Beach) who fought for the free world are literally dying in their wait for healthcare under Obama's Administration:

VA Acting Secretary: 100,000 Vets Victimized by Bogus Wait Lists
Friday, 06 Jun 2014 01:17 PM
By Drew MacKenzie

Acting Veterans Affairs Secretary Sloan Gibson said an investigation shows more than 100,000 military veterans across the country were placed on bogus waiting lists for medical appointments.

Gibson told a news conference in Phoenix on Thursday that the exact number of people from each city who were dumped onto “secret lists” will be disclosed on Monday, The Arizona Republic reported.

The staggering number of veterans on the lists was disclosed as a contingent of heroic American vets who stormed the beaches in Normandy 70 years were hailed at a ceremony marking the event attended by President Barack Obama.

The fake lists used for official reporting purposes contained falsified shorter waiting times for veterans while the secrets lists showed the long delays that vets had actually faced while waiting for appointments with doctors for treatment. [MORE]

Does this reflect what "Obama"-"care" is really all about?

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