Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dow 17000 Update

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The stock market is still topping out near the 17000 milestone in the DJIA.  Today there was a sharp reversal into the end of trading that suggests we might have passed the final high. In other words, we might have just passed the peak of Western Civilization:

Notably, a top at Dow 17000 is paralleling a peak at the psychologically important 6000, 11000 and 10000 benchmarks in the Dow Jones Composite, NYSE Composite and German DAX and respectively:

As for why mass mood extremes are reached coincident with the stock market reaching round number benchmarks, and as to why reversals from such tops coincide with seemingly exogenous geopolitical historical shocks, well these are very important questions to be answered.  As explained in my March 2011 blog, "Reversals from thousand marks in major stock indices & the anomalous motion of the planets", I believe the answers might be found in a mixture of quantum physics and religion.

One of the more difficult elements of the Abrahamic monotheist religions that dominate the world's belief systems is the notion of prophecy. Whether it be Judaism, Christianity or Islam, there is a common thread that history unfolds according to a set story purportedly authored by God the "Creator". Such a sense of historicism is anathema to the modern secular, materialistic worldview that holds history to be open-ended and authored by man's will rather than God's will. But what if the latter is truly the case?

The Elliott Wave Principle is premised upon the idea that mass mood swings unfold in the form of a deterministic, fractal-based pattern:

But why a fractal?

This is where things get interesting.

Fractals and the Holographic Principle go hand in hand.  Holograms are three-dimensional images recreated on a two-dimensional surface.
The essence of the Holographic Principle is very simple.  It is all about encoding information from a space in "n" dimensions into a space of "n-1" dimensions.  This is exactly what a holographic image does, allowing a view of a three dimensional object on a two dimensional surface, for example. [source]
What's interesting about a hologram is that if you break up the two-dimensional surface, i.e., the holographic plate, each piece will still recreate the whole three-dimensional image but with less resolution.  This is conceptually parallel to fractals.  If you break a given fractal into pieces, each piece still contains the whole fractal.  Just consider the Elliott Wave pattern above.  Each part contains smaller scale versions of the whole up-down pattern.

Science is currently discovering that our universe appears to be a hologram.  What if the information for our universe from beginning (Alpha) to end (Omega) is a four-dimensional image etched on the surface of three-dimensional space that we "measure" with our senses?  In other words, what if we are characters in a book reading a story already authored from beginning to end by an Author (God)?

Who is the Author?

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