Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dow 12,000 & World War Three?

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As if anyone wondered what my opinion might be as the DJIA reaches 12,000 with nukes being tested by North Korea...

Interesting aside....did you know that Japan has one of the world's largest stockpiles of weapons-usable Plutonium? Indeed, knowing this puts the East Asia nuclear crisis in an entirely new light, now doesn't it. Japan, with the second largest economy in the world next to the U.S. and modern technology, is poised to rapidly ascend to a nuclear military superpower if and when it is deemed necessary. And Japan's new nationalist PM Shinzo Abe would be easy to convince....something both China and North Korea, historical archenemies of Japan, are well aware of.

You see, the whole point here is China is seemingly being forced to take out Kim Jong Il's 'unpredictable' NK regime to stop Japan (and/or South Korea and/or Taiwan) from going nuclear and becoming a major military competitor with Beijing....but Russia and China are Russian-born Kim Jong Il's puppet masters in the first what gives?

My guess is 'The Old Enemy' might be planning to ignite the Korean Peninsula as part of a military diversion in the context of a grand global domination strategy that was hatched during the Cold War era. Indeed, I was speculating about this possibility more than a decade ago in a "Global War Alert" from then. By tying up U.S. forces in East Asia, Israel is left vulnerable to being overrun by the Jews' erstwhile Muslim enemies (e.g., Syria and Iran), and this, in turn, means "The Samson Option" and Russia's pretext for an utterly nullifying, full-scale nuclear attack against Israel, the U.S. and the Western powers.

And if you think North Korea has already done its nuclear testing....just what a few hours or days. North Korea has been warning of further tests ahead. Sean Osborne, of, has military sources suggesting the miniature test on October 9th was just trying out the small, sub-kiloton "fission" stage of a far more massive fusion device, i.e., a hydrogen bomb. If so, the next nuclear tests Pyonyang may carry out are going to massive. U.S. intelligence is even concerned North Korea might try out a missile test with a nuclear warhead that will be detonated over the Pacific....a most startling provocation. Seemingly concerned about the prospect of more NK nuke tests, China just dispatched two nuclear envoys to the hermit kingdom seemingly in an attempt to stave off an exacerbation of the developing crisis.

All in all, East Asia looks poised to explode and you can bet China and Russia are behind much of what North Korea is up to. The crisis being stirred by Pyongyang is simply creating the circumstances necessary for Moscow and Beijing to mitigate their perceived long-term military rivals sooner than later....both in the East AND the West.

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