Thursday, October 19, 2006


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My Lord, My God....I'm afraid I might now see what You have been trying to show me...

This could be the Apocalypse, folks, precisely as was forewarned about in the Bible's Book Of Revelation.

Today the DJIA closed above the psychologically important 12,000 benchmark for the first time in history. So what? If anything this shows that things are as good as they can get....right?


You only need to consider the following four points:

1. When the DJIA closes near thousand marks, historical shocks tend to occur that upsets investor expectations and leads to major reversals from a given psychologically important level.

2. The DJIA closing above 12000 may mark the Elliott Wave "Grand Supercycle" top in stock prices that signifies the peak of Western Civilization after which the collapse of Western Civilization will occur. This collapse is outlined in the Bible's Book Of Revelation. Thus the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, the fulfillment of the rational beliefs and expectations of Christ, entails the ultimate upset of man's irrational beliefs and expectations, unwarranted self-sonfidence (ARROGANCE), signified by the DJIA closing above 12,000 at the current juncture. In other words, Christ is sane and man is insane.

3. In seeking to determine what might cause the Grand Supercycle crash, I had a vision of a chemical SCUD missile attack on Haifa, Israel that apparently portends specifically how the collapse, and the associated Apocalypse, will begin.

4. Today Iran's seemingly deranged leader made the following statement:

"I am confident that the Iranian nation as the flag-bearer of justice, would herald an epic on International Qods Day for liberation of the holy Qods." (source)

"Qods" means Jerusalem and tomorrow, the last Friday in Ramadan, is International Qods Day which is also known as Jerusalem Liberation Day.

In the wake of the peak of Western Civilization at Dow 12,000, is the Biblical Apocalypse about to begin compliments of Iran (and/or Hezbollah/Syria)?

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