Sunday, October 08, 2006

North Korea Nuke Test & The Insanity Of Man

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North Korea went and did it....they just tested their first nuke sending a shiver down the world's spine.

Given that it was already presumed North Korea had a nuclear capability, what's the difference? I think the answer lies in the timing of this historic event. It is a harbinger of the coming military defeat of the West by "The Old Enemy".

As I have outlined in other writings, I believe that man as a species is manic-depressive. Indeed, my Master's Thesis, which was never accepted due to its blasphemous honesty, was dubbed "Manic Depressive Man" (in stark contrast to the "rational" self-interested man economists believe in). This world suffers from a "Global Bipolar Disorder" that manifests as mass mood swings between optimism and pessimism, mania and depression throughout the population. These waves are most evident in financial markets, and stock markets in particularly, as bull and bear markets. The cycles occur with regard to scale as revealed by the "Elliott Wave Principle" popularized by Robert Prechter, the 'Elliott Wave Theorist'.

According to Robert Prechter, Elliott Waves in mass mood have been climbing toward a historically unprecedented Grand Supercycle peak that will be followed by an ultimate collapse that entails the fall of modern civilization. As I have pointed out time and time again, these swings in mass mood manifest as positive and negative historical events. Thus, in the wake of the Grand Supercycle top, there will be a wave of extremely negative historical events that will ultimately bring an end to the world as we know it.

Here's my old "Spirit Of Truth" videos from Cambridge Community TV regarding this:

(March 1999)

(November 2000)

Right now the final Grand Supercycle peak might be at hand with the DJIA making new all-time highs near the 12000 mark. This high point in the Dow Jones Industrial Average is not being confirmed by most of the other major stock indices, e.g., the Dow Transports, the S&P averages and the Nasdaq Composite. The Transports topped in May at the 5000 mark and the S&P averages and the Nasdaq Composite reached their final highs in the year 2000.

As the Grand Supercycle peak is being reached in the DJIA, one fo the the first related negative historical events is North Korea's attempted test of a nuclear bomb. What is this a harbinger of? As I have long warned, the Grand Supercycle collapse, which might now get underway, will likely take the shape of World War Three.

The Korean Peninsula is a final battle line between Communism and Capitalism, totalitarianism and freedom, East and West. It is a potential flashpoint at the beginning of the third world war.

What's remarkable is that the West perceives North Korea as an isolated regime that engages in seemingly irrational military brinkmanship with the U.S. on its own. However, the regime in Pyongyang is a creation of Russia and China. Anatoliy Golitsyn warned the West before the seeming collapse of communism that Russia and the communist powers of the East would feign their own demise in order to mislead the Western powers into lowering their guard and securing the element of surprise before "The Final Phase" of overrunning the West. This occurred over the last 20 years as part of a long-term plan.

The peak in U.S. stock prices represents an extreme of irrational mass optimism, unwarranted collective confidence, premised on the extraordinary popular delusion of the West's perceived superiority and global dominance. This delusion was intentionally instilled by the enemies of the West for the explicit purpose of a total upset of our expectations in the form of a surprise third world war. This upset, which should follow the Grand Supercycle peak in the DJIA, might soon be unfolding.

The insanity of man, in contrast to the sanity of the Son Of Man, will likewise be revealed.

And if you doubt the insanity of man, I suggest you consider this manifestation of his utopian vision:

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