Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Max Blumenthal is a Schmuck!

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schmuck: an obnoxious or contemptible person.

In the wake of the 9/12 protest at Capitol Hill, the silence of the leftstream media has been deafening. The utter failure of those responsible for reporting on American news events to cover the massive rally of freedom-loving citizenry at the nation's capitol on Saturday defies sensibility. It is but the latest example of the irresponsible, politically-biased character of the news media in this country that has caused a wholesale boycott of once dominant news sources by the American people. If the New York Times, CBS, MSNBC and other struggling news organizations are wondering why they are losing their audiences and going broke, they need look no farther than their failings this weekend to report on the rally in D.C. The silent majority is no longer being silent, and, if these biased journalists think they can continue not listening, then maybe it's time for them to consider a new line of work. Perhaps their savior in the White House will bail them out with new jobs created by expropriating some more of our hard-earned tax dollars.

One of the only leftist journalists to cover the D.C. rally was video blogger Max Blumenthal, who penned an article for The Nation last week dubbed, "The Nightmare of Christianity". (Max blames the 2007 mass murder of Christians at the Colorado Springs New Life megachurch by Matthew Murray on Christianity itself rather than on the Satanism professed by the culprit.)

In an AlterNet hit piece, dubbed "9/12 Protest: Here's What Fox News Didn't Broadcast", Blumenthal belittles the views of America's conservative base by highlighting the extremist fringe who, as with all such protests, were present in the crowd:

While Fox News cameras covering the so-called 9.12 Project on the National Mall lurched away from signs morphing President Barack Obama's face into Adolph Hitler's, I zoomed in. Histrionics and manufactured paranoia were hard to avoid at the massive September 12 anti-Obama rally orchestrated by Fox News host Glenn Beck and former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey's corporate lobbying front group, Freedom Works.

When I dove into the angry mob with a camera, I captured scenes of self-proclaimed "real Americans" declaring that the community organizing group ACORN was Obama's version of Hitler's SS; that the President planned to establish concentration camps for right-wing dissidents; and that Obama was raising a private army in the guise of a civilian volunteer force. The death panel rumor is just one of a rapidly growing array of conspiracy theories reverberating through the Republican base. Each one is more hysterical than the last. (AlterNet)

Is that supposed to be an accurate assessment of the 9/12 rally?

What is clear is that Blumenthal is a liberal MSNBC reporter wannabe who epitomizes the arrogant, misleading attitude of the elitist journalists running the show for the contemporary leftstream media. He's on the left track to move ahead in his lying, dying industry.

Here's his videoblog from the 9/12 rally entitled, "The Unauthorized 9.12 Teabagger Tour":

I'm sure he'll initially be thrilled that I seem to be promoting viewership of his slanted, anti-American presentation, but I'm only doing so so that people can compare it with the video I captured showing his FULL interview with an Iraq/Afghan War veteran who made chop suey of Max's inane, nickelodeon political perspective:

As can be surmised from this veteran's disabuse, Max Blumenthal is the epitome of a left-wing SCHMUCK.

Of course, Max should be grateful for the freedom to express his distorted views realized through the sacrifices of this veteran and others like him. Yet, somehow, I think he lacks any appreciation whatsover for the liberty he enjoys. Indeed, to their utter shock and dismay, Max and his leftist peers will ultimately find that their freedom has been destroyed by the contemptible anti-American, anti-Christian perspective they promoted to the world.

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