Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Fate Of The Union II

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Last year, after President Obama gave an unofficial State Of The Union address, I responded with my own Fate Of The Union blog. Well, today was the President's first official State Of The Union speech, so I guess it's time for an update.

A year ago, the stock market and mass mood were nearing an important low point from which a major rebound occurred that lasted throughout 2009 and peaked just a week and a half ago. This rebound was all about "make believe". That's right, the "Change We Can Believe In" is pretty much a farce. Not that I don't give President Obama some credit for making a try at bringing the 'house divided' back together before it falls, but the hard truth is that America, and this world, has become so divided against itself by unrepentant selfishness and arrogance, that the imbalances are not going to be corrected by some highfalutin political talking points. The only possible outcome of the current division and imbalances is a collective fate so tragic that man as a species finally overcomes self-centeredness and learns to obey God and love one another. I'm afraid this inevitable fate of the union is now very near.

My last blog is a CNBC interview of Robert Prechter, the Elliott Wave Theorist, warning that the rebound in mass mood and collective confidence that started last March is now over and the next major wave down in the Grand Supercycle bear market is beginning. While Prechter coyly avoided answering the interviewers question about the percentage drop in equity prices he's expecting from here, the chart below shows the answer:

If the fate of the union in the coming months involves a 90%+ drop in stock prices, then clearly some incredibly tragic events are about to unfold. I have been desperately trying to warn America, and the world, for almost 20 years what the coming Grand Supercycle collapse will involve as I believe God revealed to me, i.e., literally we are facing the prophetic Apocalypse.

Why would this be so?

On an immediate level, what is unfolding is the most catastrophic error in "intelligence" ever. Israel, America and the Western powers have been intentionally misled into a vulnerable position so that the totalitarian powers of the East can literally blow the world to kingdom come. That this is where the world is headed has been consistently explained in my writings for the last two decades, but no one has been interested and few, if any, believe me, thus insuring our tragic prophetic fate. I have been unsuccessful in surmounting the "strong delusion" of this world because people are having too much pleasure in unrighteousness and are therefore completely unreasonable.

But, alas, our fate is God's will and who am I to try and undo ancient prophecy? Since, in a general sense, what is unfolding is the Golden Rule of love, the law of universal karma, being divinely enforced so that the plan of Creation is fulfilled. And, as a matter of God's righteousness, I've reincarnated into this world's creative madness just as its breakdown is set to ensue. Thus, man's fate is also my own. Quite frankly, I would prefer to forget all that I now know, I wish I could "make believe" what I'm supposed to believe instead of realizing the truth, I wish I'd taken the blue pill....but how then would there be the Revelation? How then would there be hope?


Go ahead and listen to the false promises of misleaders like President Obama so you're not upset by reality. Continue to pleasure yourselves to death. After all, true freedom seems too scary.

It is an ultimate challenge to overcome what you're supposed to believe, but this is the only chance we have IMHO.


jayjay said...

Whether anybody reads your blog or not I don't know and don't care! What I do know is that IMHO you are spot on and have very keen insight into "the real picture". I have told others about you blog so they can partake the info you present.

Please keep doing what you are doing... and thanks!

J. Adams said...

A sincere thanks.

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