Monday, January 18, 2010

Fire Geithner! - William Black for Treasury Secretary

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Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, one of the most corrupt officials in American political history, should be fired (and jailed) forthright, and William Black should be made U.S. treasury secretary:

Wall Street is currently paying out a record $145 billion in bonuses, around 40% of revenue, when, as William Black points out, 2009 profits are based upon FICTIONAL ACCOUNTING that was put in place so we could "make believe" our banking system is still solvent! What's more, this money is best kept in house by banks at the current juncture as they desperately need reserves against future losses since the economy continues to be distressed, and debt defaults continue to grow, consequent to the damage caused to the economy by Wall Street's unrelenting, reckless greed of years past. Unfortunately, however, what is taking place is that the financial elite are trying to steal as much they can get away with, compliments of our complicit (mis)government, before their fraudulent Ponzi scheme comes to a catastrophic end.

The financial robber barons on Wall Street, and their lackeys in D.C., needed immediate prison sentences a year-or-so ago, not an urgent $2.5 trillion taxpayer bailout. These vile creatures are the epitome of the wrongfulness of greed run amuck which modern-day economists have sought to justify as the ideal means to an optimal social end when in fact the complete opposite is the case. The whole lot deserve God's judgment in the worst way.

IMHO, the current predicament is a historical caricature of systematically violating the Golden Rule in the most absurd ways imaginable. Apparently, God is making an important example out of modern America and it's unrepentant worship of Mammon.

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