Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hezbollah held antiaircraft missile test in Syria

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Report: Hezbollah held antiaircraft missile test in Syria

Published: 01.17.10, 11:18 / Israel News

An American source told Kuwaiti newspaper al-Rai that according to intelligence reports, Syria allowed Hezbollah members to train on its territory using anti-aircraft SA-2 missiles.

The American source noted that Israel had warned Syria not to equip Hezbollah with such missiles. He estimated that if Damascus chose to do so, this would lead to a war between Israel and Hezbollah and Israel may also bomb targets in the Syrian capital. (Ynet)

Meanwhile, the leaders of Hezbollah and Hamas have held a closed-door meeting in anticipation of what's next...

Nasrallah meets Mashaal, calls to end 'Arab weakness'

Hamas delegation headed by Mashaal meets Hezbollah chief Nasrallah in Lebanon. Joint statement says 'diplomatic activity to renew peace talks aimed at securing Israeli interests, underscores futility of official Arab stance'


Notably, in my 'apocalyptic vision' the chemical missile attack on Israel was specifically of a chemical SCUD missile attack on Haifa, Israel. At the time I saw this mysterious special report, during the 1991 Gulf War to remove Saddam's Iraq from occupying Kuwait, I was perplexed as to why my premonition of a future chemical SCUD missile attack on Israel was of Haifa being struck instead of Tel Aviv, where most of the reports of Iraqi SCUD missile strikes were emanating from at that time.

In the wake of the 1991 conflict, it started to dawn upon me that possibly what I foresaw was a Syrian SCUD attack on Israel since Syria lies to Israel's north and, in the event of a Syrian missile strike, Haifa would be the first Israeli city to report being hit given the regional geography and distance to targets. Now with Saddam Hussein out of the picture, the only possible source of a chemical SCUD missile attack on Haifa is Syria (unless Hezbollah is now equipped with SCUD-type missiles and chemical warheads). This is what the rest of the world might soon witness as the prophetic Apocalypse begins.

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