Friday, January 21, 2011

Speculation That Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Is The Antichrist? - Time Out For TB2K!

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My final TB2K post:

(can't link there since it was deleted)

Recently I was sanctioned with a 'time out' in the TimeBomb2000 (TB2K) forum, one of the last online communities where I've been able to freely express my opinions, because I had the audacity to compliment President Obama's speech at the memorial for the Tucson shooting tragedy. A link to a blog I'd written regarding the Tucson shootings that was critical of Sarah Palin and the gun-toting tactics of Tea Party activism crossed some sort of red line for the "moderators" there such that I've been temporarily banished from further postings and discourse in the main forums as if I were some sort of child.

I've not blogged on this incident because I thought it better to lay low since I realize that war may be near and the survivalist and "prepper" community represented by TB2K may be all that is left of America after the dust settles.

However, in light of the discussions that have prevailed in the forum since I left, it's clear to me that, in the event of the collapse of civilization, if all that's left are TB2Kers and like-minded folk, then 'America' might truly be forever dead.

While the seemingly blind Sarah Palin punditry and calls against civility in American politics are somewhat disturbing, what I found in the forum this evening is beyond the pale.

Some TB2Kers, apparently of the 'right-wing Christian fundamentalist' bent, are speculating that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords may be the "Antichrist".

Yes....I'm serious.

The almost perfect insanity apparently began with the following post:

Today, 01:26 PM
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AC - Head injury . . . just thinking out loud


Won't make me popular . . . but, it just struck me this morning.

In all the religiously opocalyptic stuff I've ever read, it says that the future A.C. will be a very well liked person who incredibly (almost unbelievably) returns from a head injury.

So, (ahem), any recent political people amazingly recouperating from an expected deadly head injury?!

I'm just saying . . .

For those unfamiliar with Christian eschatology, the poster is referencing a key passage in the Book of Revelation regarding the prophetic beast:

And I saw one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded, and his deadly wound was healed. And all the world marveled and followed the beast. [Revelation 13:3]

From that comment, more Antichrist speculation followed by forum members as documented at Uncle Bob's forum of TB2K dissidents, and further exemplified in a TB2K thread today about Rep. Giffords' recovery and transfer to Houston for further therapy.

Clearly any call for civility, or just plain reasonablenous, in political discourse has gone unanswered at the forum where I was placed in "Time Out" for making a positive comment about President Obama's speech calling for healing and national reconciliation in the wake of the Tucson tragedy. To the contrary, in speculating about whether or not the primary target of the shootings, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, is the Antichrist (even if done in jest), TB2K members have gone off the far right deep-end into an abyss of very un-American political hatred and vitriol.

Might I suggest the whole TimeBomb2000 forum take a TIME-OUT?!

After spending the last nearly EIGHT YEARS there trying to spell out the true Antichrist in this world, it's become apparent the TB2K folk wouldn't know the man even if he came up and bit 'em on their BUTTS!

Of course, commenting negatively to the outside world about the very uncivil discourse at TB2K will likely result in my membership being revoked, but, quite frankly, THANK GOD! I do not belong anywhere that seeks to dictate what I'm to say and believe.

I will close this thread with what will likely prove to be one of my final comments at TB2K made in the Time Out! gulag set up there for rebellious members like I became:

The attitude of the moderators that govern this forum is that if you don't like their moderation then find another forum.

I've been active at TB2K since May 2003. I have 5800+ posts to my credit. I've been financially supportive. What's more, with regard to the need for preparedness, I'm seeking to raise awareness about the greatest threat imaginable facing Americans and Western civilization, i.e., that the collapse of communism was a staged strategic deception, and Russia and China never stopped gunning for our destruction and subjugation.

The concern I have with how TB2K opts to rule its own house is with their seeming anti-Americanism. That those who purport to be "Tea Party" activists can behave in a manner so at odds with the spirit of America, the Constitution and the notion of an inalienable, God-given right to liberty is hypocritical, childish and tragic IMHO.

After the dust settles from the coming war, many who frequent TB2K will be among those left standing. They will bear the responsibility of carrying forth the torch of liberty that is the spirit of America. If the attitude of these remnants are guided by the despotic sensibilities of those running this forum, then there will be no hope at all for rebuilding what our Founding Fathers had envisioned. To the contrary, the tyrants planning to take control of this ill-fated world would be well-served by those who banish to this TB2K gulag any who dare to voice opposing opinions and fail to conform to "authority" here.

However, there is a higher AUTHORity to whom all answer, and I suggest the powers that be, even in this lowly discussion place, bear that in mind.

Washington D.C. is found at the nexus of VIRGINia and MARYland. God is ultimately authoring HIStory through us, and the constitutional republic framed by America's Founding Fathers was more than just a good idea. I believe it was a divinely inspired vision ultimately meant for God's true Kingdom in this world. Those that want to tear down America and what it stands for go against Christ himself, and when it comes to "eternal life", it's important to be on the right side of God's sovereign good will.


Manu said...

You equating America with Christ is Blasphemous... America is the whore of Babylon. Your government sends its son's to die in Afghanistan while financing and arming the very people they are sent to fight. America is not and never was a Christian nation. Your founding fathers were not Christian the were masons. Your country produces more violent movies, more pornography and more pollution than any other country on the planet. Your country spends more on its military budget than any other planet. Jesus made food not bombs. Stop worshiping your country and start worshiping the LORD in spirit and in truth. The rest of the planet lives in the world, Americans live in America. I do not judge you, but I rebuke you. Wake up from the slumber that your government has you in. Capitalism is not Christian.

J. Adams said...

I guess you need to follow my blog more regularly. I concur that America is the whore of Babylon. However, I do not believe the Kingdom of God is to be a totalitarian monarchy. Rather, I believe the proper social model is democratic such that the people's will is represented in governance. What needs to be corrected is people's will so that everyone is in accord with God's will. If authority is to be entrusted to a single individual, then there is a dictatorship, and this is NOT God's intent IMHO. If it were, why was everyone given separate free minds and free will in the first place?

Booeker said...

The Kingdom of God IS a monarchy, and JESUS is the King.

Free will? What purpose have we for free will in heaven when Jesus is all powerful? Doesn't he know what is best for all of our decisions?

Or are you saying he doesn't?

So, using free will in perfect accordance with Jesus' will is NOT free will, but the absence of free will.

AND also, a good thing.

There is no need for free will in heaven, therefore there is no need for a democracy, calling heaven a democracy!!

You've really can't get politics and America out of your brain, can you!

Even SUGGESTING the kingdom of heaven is even political is absurd.

I'm American, but it's just like American's to think their ideals are absolute, and to want to carry them even beyond the boarders of our life and try to poison heaven with them!

No, you're entirely wrong about everything.

First of all
"one of its heads" = one of the people in association with the anti-christ, but not the anti-christ himself.

The antichrist doesn't have more than one head, this is common sense, however, the "one of its heads" is referring to one of the people that are in association with the antichrist, but not the antichrist himself.

Legion, aka Demons, tend to operate in much too close of a unison (similar to how insects do), which is why the prophet in the bible described it this way. Since he was a good christian, he could not see them as individuals, but rather all as demons working in conjunction and attempting to work together as one.

Is it just me, or did you not really go on to explain clearly why Gabrielle Giffords could not be this head or in association with the antichrist?

In fact, why couldn't she be? The amount of positive attention she got around the time of her recovery and the time of the shooting is quite sickening. It's one thing if we feel compassion, but.. to blindly feel compassion without considering scripture and to ban those and mock those and ridicule those who DO consider scripture is madness, which is all I've seen regarding this situation so far, mass-neglect and mass-madness.

Can you possibly tell me ANY other figures.. EVER.. public and famous, who have sustained a head wound of this magnitude and recovered even half as much as Gabrielle Giffords has?

You might say it has happened plenty of times, but I urge you find me one case.

Go on, I know what you're thinking. "Oh, it must have happened. I'm sure of it." Alright then, where? when?

Moderator, delete following paragraph if this letter passes screening:
Likely this post won't make it through, as.. it's quite obvious people are mad
in this day and age, and will not even consider truth or anything reasonable concerning scripture. Hope you grant me the right to share my rational and patient point of view, though.

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