Friday, December 09, 2011

War With Iran?

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With the Elliott Wave pattern looking ominous with a total lunar eclipse approaching, it looks like war with Iran may be getting closer and may already be underway covertly:

I remain suspicious.

How was Iran able to capture a RQ-170 Sentinel drone? This is an incredible feat that seems way beyond Iran's capacity. Presuming the Islamic Republic had some Russian and/or Chinese assistance, the real issue that comes to mind is....was this a way of further pressuring Israel to strike Iran on its own, i.e., without U.S. support and knowledge? DEBKA offers some insightful analysis on this score:
The state of the lost UAV refutes the US military contention that the Sentinel's systems malfunctioned. If this had happened, it would have crashed and either been wrecked or damaged. The condition of the RQ-170 intact obliges the US and Israel to make major changes in plans for a potential strike against Iran's nuclear program.

The Obama administration's decision after internal debate not to send US commando or air units into Iran to retrieve or destroy the secret RQ-170 stealth drone which fell into Iranian hands has strengthened the hands of the Israeli faction which argues the case for striking Iran's nuclear installations without waiting for the Americans to make their move.

Senior Israeli diplomatic and security officials who followed the discussion in Washington concluded that, by failing to act, the administration has left Iran not only with the secrets of the Sentinel's stealth coating, its sensors and cameras, but also with the data stored in its computer cells on targets marked out by the US and/or Israeli for attack.

Bear in mind my opinion that Iran's nuclear program is really for provoking a fight with Israel more so than actually building the Bomb. After all, if Iran wanted to build a nuke, they could have acquired plenty of highly enriched uranium off the black market to work with. There's been no need for Tehran to pursue its brazenly public uranium enrichment program over the years except for the purpose of provocation.

Why is Iran provoking a fight with Israel? It's the same game Moscow and Beijing are playing. They know they're going to unleash a nuclear third world war that will devastate Western civilization and set the world back a century, but they want to do everything in their power to shape history in a manner such that "the Jews" and America are blamed for the coming cataclysm being planned.

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