Thursday, September 05, 2013

Banned & Censored From For Telling The Truth

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I've been banned and censored from for my comments in the posted article, "The Syrian War: What You're Not Being Told", submitted by Tyler Durden:

This may be telltale in that I just posted a blog that could prove to be of significant historical import with regard to revealing the true nature of markets and society that suggests the world might only have until late-September before self-destruction.

Thus far I've been banned from every forum I've ever joined. This includes:



Because I've sought to tell the truth in opposition to the lies that are leading this world into destruction. Unfortunately, however, this global suicide story has been pre-written and there's apparently no way out.

I personally think the Author is a bit of a jerk accordingly for putting me and my loved ones in such a futile position. Guess I'll just go down with our ill-fated ship then.

Thanks God! /SARCASM


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Adsense said...

I would just like to make a note
of something that maybe or maybe not
you have noticed .
Your dates >
oct 28 2008 was a low
oct 27 1997 was a low
oct 13 1989 was a low
oct 19 1987 was a low
in those cases this was the end
of the panic not the beginning or kick off as you stated .
oct 24 1973 ? the start of a steep decline yet also a war as you noted
( i did not look up the start of that war so ill give you the benefit of doubt )
Based on your data i would say we are entering a bullish period since
come Monday Sept 30 we will be leaving the time you stated .
In my own work i think oct 10th
is a high and oct 18th a low
and as for the pattern ? i would label this move since may 2013 to today as a sideways move ( a running triangle ) the august 2013 lows are now key to my bullish bias .
good luck

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