Saturday, August 20, 2011

It is beginning...

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It is beginning IMHO:

God have mercy on our souls.

[Until Israel's a "Christian" nation, is the "Promised Land" promised?]

As I've been warning all along, the Arab Spring was just to set the stage for a war on Israel:


Angry Egyptians Break into Israeli Embassy Compound

Egyptian earns hero status with Israel flag protest

But who heeds me? After all, I'm crazy....right?

I hope so too, but the reality is not what you expect.

The unfettered, unrepentant selfishness of the "Capitalist West" could not go unanswered in the context of the "Global Bipolar Disorder". Hence, the "Communist East" has been empowered to forcibly end Western "arrogance". Neither side ultimately "wins" in such collective insanity. The only victory is if the collective insanity is brought to an End.

That is MY "strategic objective".

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